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Insurance for learner drivers

Learning to drive a car and need insurance? Insurance policies specifically designed for new drivers are now available; in fact you can now buy both short time insurance policies designed for learners who wish to practice in someone else's car, and yearly policies designed for those beginners who own their own car. Short-term car insurance policies last for between a single day and three months and they have been designed for provisional licence holders who wish to have driving experience in someone else's car; and in order to keep costs down to minimum there are certain stipulations. You would need to be a permanent UK resident with the UK issued provisional driving licence; and you would need to be accompanied in the vehicle at all times by another driver (who may, or may, be the owner of the vehicle) aged over 25 and with a full driving licence which has been held for a minimum of three years. Coverage is only available during the hours between six o'clock in the morning and 10 o'clock in the evening, in order to avoid the most risky driving hours, and these insurance policies are only available to new drivers with clean and accident free records. This policy is available for learners only, who are driving vehicles that they do not own and which are insured by another person; once a driving test has been passed coverage ceases immediately.

The whole purpose of these learner driver insurance policies, with comprehensive cover and a fairly low excess, is to encourage friends or relatives of learners to help them improve their driving skills by gaining extra experience of driving a car under realistic conditions, and this can be very helpful way of building on skills gained during formal driving lessons and gaining confidence; a vital part of the learning process; before taking a driving test.

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